Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun Foxy Stuff!

My mom is always thrilled when she finds WFT merchandise because there is not a lot of it out there. We fox terriers are rare and special. After seeing some of Cath Kidston's fun products on Jackson's and Eric's blogs, my mom got a couple of items for Christmas:

A cute wallet and keychain! There are some fun matching rain boots on the site that my mom wants now (they call them "Wellies" in England) but they are a tad bit too expensive.

Another cool WFT item she got for Christmas was a cool keychain from Pop Dog Press, made by Simba's HM! She makes cool stuff for all kinds of breeds, not just foxies! This picture is from Simba's website - my (oops, I mean my mom's) keychain is red.

And now I will shamelessly promote the COOLEST WFT ITEM EVER!!!!

Jackson's Forever Foxed makes fantastic foxy greeting cards, but also now, these:

Buttons! Badges! Whatever you want to call them, they're pawesome.

Go check out our talented friends' sites, especially if you are a foxy fan!


Simba said...

PAWESOME!!! Thanks for the shout out! We love Forever Foxed stuff too!!!

Jackson said...

Awwww, thanks pal! So glad you like the stuff.

Yes, Simba's mum makes great things too; she's a great artist!

J x

erin said...

Totally pawesome! I'm going to head over to Jackson's blog and check it out now! Thanks for the info!

Joe Stains said...

so cute! we love that little change purse!!