Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vacation - Part 1

I knew something was going on when my dad took my house and put it in the car. ROAD TRIP! I don't mind riding in the car much. I used to be terrified of the windshield wipers, but I'm a tough dude and I got over it.

My humans were not happy with me, though. I farted (pardon my French) the whole way out to Maine - through six states! - and I kept stinking up the car. It's their own fault, though. They had tried to keep me occupied while they were packing the night before by giving me a rawhide treat. My little vegetarian tummy was not used such deliciousness!

And I thought more deliciousness was in store when we pulled up to a drive-though window!!! That means FRENCH FRIES!!!

However, to my dismay, it was a window without French fries. It was a place called Dunkin Donuts and my mom was very happy to be there, because we don't have these places where we live. She had a Coffee Coolatta drink, my dad had a donut, and I got NOTHING!

(On the way home, we went to another window like this one, where a very nice lady had a box of VEGGIE COOKIES for dogs! She gave me two! Still no French fries though.)

On our second day of driving, we got to Massachusetts, where my buddies Agatha and Archie live! We didn't get to stop in Boston to see them, but we did stop in MY town, LENOX! The town is named after me (or maybe the other way around...). It is a very special place to my humans because Tanglewood is there. I thought that sounded like something to chew on, but apparently it's a music festival with the Boston Symphony. My mom grew up around Boston, and she became a musician because she loved going to hear the Boston Symphony. So it is a very special town, and a very nice name for a very special dog like myself. But you can still call me Lenny.


Maggie said...

Your back seat looks loaded to the gills Lenny! What do you mean no dunkin donuts for you! Not even a smidge? Mom says Lenox is God's country. She's only been there once but instantly fell in love!

Agatha and Archie said...

Lenny..You were so close!!!!!!! I think you were right to stink up the car! No Dunkin Donits!!!!! Hmmpphh! We are glad you came to Massachewsetts!! It is a fun place to be!! A+A

Asta said...

gweat twip except for the no fwench fwies pawt...and nooo donuts either..are they twying to stawve you??you're in such gweat shape , you cewtainly don't need to diet.
I like musicians a lot..I play the piano..did you ever see me do it on my blog??
Hope your tumtum is better
sleep tight
smoochie kisses

fee said...

dear lenny, eeek, can't believe the parents gave you the big fat hole in the donut and no french fries! were the cookies any nice though?


Jackson said...

Maybe they're saving the french fries for later??? I'll keep my paws crossed for you! J x

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Lenny,
No donuts for you?? No fair!!! No wonder you stunk up the car, hehehehe! And you didn't get to stop & say hi to A & A?? Awwwwh, too bad. That would have been fun.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers