Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tongue shots

A lot of my buddies have been showing pictures of their tongues on their blogs. Here's a little peek at mine! I'm drooling because we're at the drive-through window at a DUNKIN' DONUTS!!! Sometimes they give you a Munchkin donut there. (Once, a lady had veggie dog treats, which my parents thought was great, but I would have preferred a Munchkin.) My mom looooves Dunkin' Donuts and we don't really have them here in Indiana. If you have one near you, take your humans there! Have a Coffee Coolatta for my mom.

I think I look a little bit like my friend William Tell in that picture. What do you think? Handsome, huh?

And how about some tongue action shots? Here I am with my humans. They are being rewarded with my affection for feeding and caring for me. (My mom said not to use that picture of my dad because his hair looks weird. I guess he needed to go to the groomer.)

I am proud of my dad today because his concert this weekend got a nice review in the newspaper. Not his best review ever, but a nice review nonetheless. The writer said that his orchestra needs to get more violins, and I started thinking...don't I know some violinists? Maybe I can help! Jackson and Mitchboth played the violin expertly at Asta's St. Nicholas Party. What do you think guys? The commute might be a little long, and I can't promise you any big solos, but maybe someday you can stop by and help out the orchestra!


Maggie & Mitch said...

I would be happy to play my violin for your daddy's orchestra, Lenny! Just let me know when and where and I'll be there!
I've never had a dunkin donut munchkin but Maggie has and she says they're to die for!

Yer friend,

Jake of Florida said...

It is a nice review. And we're very sorry about Tanglewood. We'll keep hoping for next year, OK?

Now, our grandpa -- all 96 years of him -- plays the violin so he'd be happy to join the virtual orchestra. He's a retired physician turned musician -- we think that's cool. He plays in a community "symphonic pops" orchestra here.

Wirey woofs to a fellow very handsome wire!!

Jake and Just Harry

Agatha and Archie said...

Well we think your Dad is PAWSOME!! PL2 says she passes a Dunkin every morning on the way to the trolley and she wishes she could send you some. We can get the coffee beans in the store now! If you guys can't and you want some tell PL2 she would love to send you some!!(she is a DD addict)Arch has a dx(you won't belive it,go see our blog!) He is on STRICT bedrest( it's going to be a long month) Love and smoochies A+A

4xBs said...

Hi Lenny, we like your tongue shots and thanks for the tip about Dunkin Donuts. we'll make our mom take us there next time we're out. we can play the flute in your orchestra because we are all flutists. well, i, Bailey, really prefer the piccolo, so between the 4 of us, we are an entire flute section! hee hee


Le Mops said...

Mah MaMa sez I haveta leearn to sit before I play violin! geeesh. otherwise I'd come help too!
le Mops

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lenny!
Nice tongue pictures!
I don't know about those reviews but my mom says she give your dad a 10!
Kisses and hugs

Kirby said...

Hi Lenny,

Really, Dunkin Donuts are good? There's one just down the street from us, wonder why Mom and Dad haven't taken me there yet? What are they keeping from me... I'll have to drag them over there next time we are out walking. I'm so happy for your Dad's great review. We all loved the CD that you sent us. Mom puts it on all the time. If I played a violin, I would join the orchestra, sadly, I'm talentless. He he!!

Your pal,

Joe Stains said...

Congrats to your Dad on his good review, he must be so talented. We make music from our behinds but Mom always makes a sour face when we do that so we must not be very talented.

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, your daddy's talented & that a good review! My mommy always wanted to play the violin but she didn't put much effort in it so she can only play the piano. She plays by ear. She can't read notes...She's a very good singer too. She can sing operatic too. Maybe next time, she can join your daddy's orchestra & sing. Hehehee! Oooh Lenny, you have a very nice pink tongue. I would drool too if I was at Dunkin Donuts too.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

Well done to your Daddy. You like giving kisses too.

Simba xx

Lacy said...

woofies Lenny, congrats to u daddy...and heehee u gots a cute tongue...me likies donuts too...

be safe,

Asta said...

You look so handsome!!! and I love how affectionate you awe..I love kissies!
Youw Dad doesn't look stwange, he looks happy getting youw love!
Congwatulations to him! you can be vewy pwoud of having such talented pawents, and you'we a ballet dancew..wel I'm impwessed!
I'm suwe ouw fwiends would be a gweat addition to the violin section..don't fowget GirlGirl is a gweat violinist too
smoochie kisses

Murphey said...

Dunkin Donuts!? we've never been to a Dunkin Donuts, the lady has, but not us...it sounds divine, as long as they don't try that veggie treat crap on us.

Murph and Reilly

Girasol said...

you said donuts?!!!! i like that stuff sooo yummy.
I don’t know how I will react if somebody play the violin close to me...I am afraid of weird things.
I like your little pink tounge.

Jackson said...

Ooooo, Lenny! I'd love to play violin for your Dad. Just let me know! Congrats on his good review!

What's a dunkin donut munchkin? Sounds delish!

Yes, you DO look a bit like Tell in that photo. Both handsome, of course. J x

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Lenny,
Nice tongue shots, hehehe! Mama says there aren't any good donut places around here. Here favorite YEARS ago was Mr. Donut. It was across from her highschool & they would go there all of the time. Have some donuts for us ok??
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Comet and BLU said...

hehehe Lenny. You have such a cute pink tongue. If we knew how to play the violin, we would help your daddy.

Koobuss said...

You have a very good looking tongue, Lenny, and you are very handsome.

Congratulations on the good review. Sorry I can't help your dad out. I don't know any violinists.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

pee ess We have lots of Dunkin Donuts around here, but none of them have Baskin-Robbins ice cream! That's my favorite.

Stanley said...

Thank you for the tongue shots, Lenny. It is obvious to me that your hoomans are sorely deprived of your smooches and need to get them more often.

Congrats on your dad's nice review. I hope you're able to recruit some violinists for him. I'm a percussionist myself... if he ever needs another one!

Goober love,