Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Almost famous!

Well, I am proud that I now have a namesake! I am very honored that Butchy and Snickers have named one of their pet Koi fish after me.
He looks just like me, don't you think? So I think I am on my way to being famous.

But there are people who are more famous than me - and one is my dad! I am so proud! He had a big article in the newspaper, all about him! You can read it at my mom's blog, if you click here. The lady who interviewed him asked him about his family, and he told her about me, but she didn't mention me in the article. After all the help and companionship I give my dad when he is studying his music, I didn't get any mention. Maybe I will be in the next article.

Oh, and I am going to get to meet Koi Lenny in a few days! Butchy's birthday is coming up, and he's having a big slumber party to celebrate - woo hoo! I think I have recovered from Asta's party enough to go have a good time again. See you soon buddy!


Asta said...

That Koi is just as sleek and bootiful as you!
you can be vewy pwoud of youw Dad..that is such an honow,and at such a young age..Congwatulations to him!!! I do think he should have thanked you in the awticle fow all the help you give him,and I think they should have had a t least one pictoowe of you..I mean he's handsome and all,but compawed to you....well you know
smoochie kisses and good luck at youw blessing

Maggie & Mitch said...

That's an awesome article about your dad, Lenny! You sure do know a true celebrity!
To tell you the truth, I don't see a whole lot of resemblance between you and the Lenny koi! You're much cuter!
See you at Butchy's bash on Friday!

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...

Lenny Boy!

Your Koi fish looks very wiley, like you! I'm going now to check out the article. (Can't believe they didn't mention you!

Goob love,

William Tell said...

What a gorgeous fish to carry your name! Quite an honor. :)

Congratulations to your Dad for the article, too.

William Tell

Jackson said...

Hey Lenny, the koi is very handsome; nearly as handsome as you, but not quite. Just read the article about your Dad! Wow, I had no idea he was so talented! You must all be very proud of him! J x