Monday, October 15, 2007


I was kind of a bad dog this weekend. Have you ever seen one of these little packets? I ate one.

Yes, I see the warning labels now. It just smelled really tasty so I scarfed it down before my mom could get it out of my mouth. She was really upset and worried and they had to "make" me sick with hydrogen peroxide to get it out of my stomach. (My vet hospital was already closed, and my humans don't trust the emergency vet hospital in town.) And then my mom worried that some sort of weird chemical reaction would happen in my stomach with the H2O2. So as I was barfing up blue stuff (VERY GROSS - sorry!) my dad was searching the internet to learn about the packets. It turns out that it's probably not too bad that I just ate one of them, but it's definitely not a good idea to eat a bunch of them, according to the ASPCA. Don't do it!

I felt pretty yucky that night. But my mom was glad it was out of my system. And I felt fine pretty quickly.

My mom learned the hydrogen peroxide method from a nice vet nurse on a hotline she called on one of my other snack adventures.
(Lenny's mom here: I think you're supposed to use it only if the dog eats something that could cause a blockage, like candle wax in this case, or if it's immediately after the dog has ingested something that could be very harmful if digested. But always check with your vet first!)

I've had a few other delicious adventures; I've earned a little bit of a reputation for being a snack sleuth and sniffing out tasty treats wherever they might be. Nothing on the kitchen counter is safe, not even sitting on top of the microwave. (My long legs have even helped me get on TOP of the counter!) My nana always has to "Lenny-proof" her kitchen before I come visit. I can even get Tupperware open (leaving a few teeth marks), get over tall chairs, and open zippers to get what I want.

My mom was trying to make a list of all the things I've eaten that I shouldn't have, and she couldn't even remember all of them, but this is what she came up with:

Digital camera (teeth marks)
Cell phone (teeth marks)
My dad's conducting baton
Scented candles
Crock of margarine
M & M's
Dark chocolate candy bar
Milk chocolate/nuts candy bar
Lindt truffle chocolates
Reese's Peanut Butter cups (small size, but many of them)
Coffee grounds
Chewing gum
Breath mints
Plastic bag
Stuffing from my toys
Fish food
Cat food
Doo-doo - goose variety
Doo-doo - deer variety
Dead mouse
English muffins (my FAVORITE)
Jigsaw puzzle piece
Mayonnaise packets (I sucked the mayonnaise out)

Heh heh, she doesn't even KNOW about some of the stuff I've eaten! I guess I'm lucky I haven't gotten too sick, especially with my chocolate cravings. Anyway, be careful out there, and always read the labels of what you're about to eat!


Maggie & Mitch said...

Thank goodness your mom is smart with the hydrogen peroxide and you're okay! You've got to be more careful, Lenny!
Barktoberfest is really for Airedales but no one minds if other breeds show up! We welcome anyone! It's fun. Maybe you and your mom and dad can go next year and we can meet?! OMG, what a blast that would be!

Love ya lots,

wirefox said...

Wow Lenny, you have to be more careful! You really shouldn't eat all of that stuff. Please stick to your bones and biscuits.

Kudos to your mom for making you barf up the silica packet.

Your buddy,

Balboa & Mommy said...

You have to be more careful Lenny, I wouldn't want you to get hurt.

You should enter the guiness book of world records, I bet you would get a huge award dude.

Frenchie Snorts

Kirby said...


WOW, you've eaten a lot of 'bad' things. That do not eat packet has tempted me a few times, but mommy has made it very clear, no eat! After reading your post, there's no way I'll eat it. I hate to throw anything up, and if it was blue...oh my! Watch what you eat, I want all my blogging buddies around for a very long time. Stick to the biscuits. he he! Glad you are feeling much better.

Your pal,

FUNNY PETS said...

Is Lenny part goat maybe? Just a thought.

4xBs said...

Hey Lenny, it's nice to sniff you! you have quite a good appetite for non-edible things. you better be careful. we don't want you to have to drink more hydrogen peroxide!

Joe said...

WOW, do you have a small dot on your head somewhere? You sound JUST like Tanner, who is a doofus, easily recognized by the doofus dot on the top of your head. You gotta watch what you stick in your mouth or you might end up one sick doggy!!!

Jackson said...

Oh my dogness, what a long list of forbidden foods! I'm rather partial to anything made of rubber. I've been known to raid the plumber's bag for rubber washers. ANYTHING made of rubber has to be hidden from me cos I do tend to sniff it out. I once totally embarrassed J1 by opening a drawer and finding some condoms at a friends house. Luckily they saw the funny side. Oh, and I once tried to eat one of those sandpaper blocks. J x

Asta said...

I want to laugh so hawd! but I also got wowwied..geez good thing you'we not allewgic to chocolate! some of that stuff could weally huwt you..but i undewstand about temptation..I eat anything i can get my paws on, the best time is a pawty when thew's stuff pn the coffee table, which i ca weach easily, and evewyone is busy talking and stuff to notice..the countews and didning table awe safe except neaw the edges..I'm not tall enough fow the west, and I haven't twied jumping on the chaiw to get it ...YET!! Last week I ate a book. burp!
smoochie kisses
youws in tewwiew cwaziness

William Tell said...

Mom keeps some of that hydrogen peroxide on hand for emergencies, also. So far its Kids - 2, Terriers - 0.

William Tell

Agatha and Archie said...

OH LENNY!!!! PL2 has always been nervous that we would get one of those packet things.Never mind the packet thing you have gotten into some MEGA stuff there!!! Archie wants to know if you have ever gone ON the table to table surf!! Love A+A

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Oh Dear, Lenny. We are going to have to do a post on this too. We showed a pic of Lacie eating her way through part of a 50 lb. bag of grass seed. (It was the second time she'd done then Daddy said she could just seed AND fertilize simultanously the next day...) BUT...Scruffy is the goat. Yep, that's a post. Guess someone in ur house likes chocalate...mmmmm....I know, I's a big NONO. Always wondered what would happen if u ate one of those little hickies that come in shoes...well, I guess we know now!!!!!!

Wiry barks, Scruffy
Hey...ya coming to the pawty this weekend??? Make a reservation on Aire Ruby.....

Mojo said...

You are the Master of Sneakthiefery!

I thought I was naughty, but I have lots to learn from you. I've eaten the obligatory pack of butter and puked it everywhere, and I've mouthed the flattened corpse of a small rodent found on the road (mum loved pulling that out of my chops). I'm well versed in many kinds of herbivore poo. But I'm still not as naughty as you!

I bow to thee

R said...

WOW! I have a terrier named Lenny also and we have been through a list of items he has devoured as well, including birth control pills, sequins, gum (which prompted two trips to the emergency clinic)a variety of paper products and most recently several handfuls of jigsaw puzzle pieces.