Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Asta's Party

Ooooooohhhhh.... I had a really good time at Asta's first birthday party! A little too much fun, actually - I am still getting over my headache!

So many of my buddies were there and we had a great time eating, singing and dancing - you wouldn't ever be able to tell I have arfritis! Another highlight was watching Miss Snickers do the Old West Can-Can Dance! Wow!

Thanks to my friend Ruby for the transportation on Air Ruby - it was a sweet ride!

So happy birthday, Asta, and thanks for the great party! Do we have to wait a whole year for the next one?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Asta!

Today is Asta's first birthday! Happy birthday, sweetie!!

My new buddy Ruby is coming to pick me up on the way to the party. Don't tell my mom, because Asta lives all the way in NYC! It's a cowboy party, so it should be a rootin' tootin' good time! I put on my best pair of chaps. I don't mind dressing up if it's for a birthday party.

Asta, my mom said there are signs all over her school that say JOIN ASTA! I thought maybe all of the music students there were invited to your party too. But they actually have their own ASTA club! It stands for the American String Teachers Association, but obviously you (and Asta down under) were their inspiration.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Halloween? Already?

I am not a happy dude.

My mom loves the fall (and I hate it) because she gets to dress me up. I am not a handsome fashion model like my buddies Butchy and Snickers, and I don't really like wearing clothes. My dad doesn't let my mom dress me up the rest of the time (THANK YOU DAD). But in the fall there are two big exceptions: Halloween, and Buckeye football.

My mom is really into Buckeye football, so I have a sweatshirt and a jacket that say "OHIO STATE" on them. I have to wear the sweatshirt (or my Buckeye bandanna) on game days. I have to wear the jacket when Ohio State plays Michigan. I am also supposed to growl when I hear the word "Michigan." It's good for a cookie or two.

My Uncle Walter has a nice Buckeye shirt too, but he likes wearing clothes. He even has his own tuxedo and pajamas.

My mom LOVES Halloween also. She already bought my 2007 Halloween outfit at Target. How embarrassing. Check out some of my previous costumes:

Well, I am rather embarrassed, but this year, I am going to be a MOOSE for Halloween.

This is not me in the picture - I will not let my mom take my picture in this! - it is a handsome wire fox terrier Target dog model. Target has all sorts of embarrassing costumes for pets - even a lobster! Beware, my clothes-hating friends!

Or have fun dressing up, if you like that sort of thing. What are you going to be for Halloween?

Friday, September 7, 2007

Lucky me

Now that my dad is home, I don't get to sleep in their bed anymore. But last night I did!

My mom was out really late (she went to a Colts football game!) so my dad let me sleep in the bed with him. When she got home, I was taking up her side of the bed, so my dad nudged me to get up. I just moved to the end of the bed and plopped down, and nobody made me move! Sweet!

Special thanks to Smitty for helping me with my Thin Man questions, and everyone else! Hey Smitty, I have a kitty cat cousin named Smitty too! And yes, I am kind of half-named-after Leonard Bernstein, because my dad's a conductor too - but my name before I had my humans was SKIPPY, just like the dog in the movie! Cool! Lenny's more dignified, though, don't you think?

We have seen The Awful Truth, but it was a long time ago, so we'll have to rent it again!

Does anyone know about the TinTin movie coming out next year - is it live-action or a cartoon? Is a WFT going to play Milou??? Are they having auditions? I have headshots - I just need an agent!

My mom thinks that WFTs are having a big comeback. We used to be really popular in the 30s and 40s, I guess. But she says she has started seeing WFTs on product labels, advertisements, even on a Macy's TV commercial! Has anyone else noticed that? We're the new big thing, I guess! Move over pugs! (no offense to my puggy friends, of course)

I am sorry I have not had the time to comment on everyone's blog, but I am doing my best to keep up. I just have to say, William Tell, you would be an AWESOME Bond dog. I want to leave everyone an idea in case you need to annoy your humans. If someone is doing a jigsaw puzzle, eat ONE of the pieces. It's just cardboard, and it will drive them NUTS! Hee hee.