Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Excellent Movie Review!

Dreamworks has released a new movie called "Hotel for Dogs" and you should all send your people to go see it! Especially if you have kid people, but the grown-ups would enjoy it too.

The biggest dog in the movie is named Lenny (in between the kids at the top of the poster). Need I say more?

There are some very cool feeding and entertainment inventions for dogs that are the best part of the movie. There is a lot of product placement for Pedigree food, which you might notice, but I think that's okay because they are supposed to be donating some money to help shelter dogs for each ticket sold. The dogs eat Pedigree food, one of the characters wears a "Dogs Rule" t-shirt (their motto) and they even play part of that really sad TV commercial...with the sad-looking shelter dogs saying, "I don't know how I got here...I just want to go home." They always play it during the dog show competitions on Animal Planet. I don't eat Pedigree but I think that's really nice that they're helping shelter dogs.

My mom has been walking shelter dogs on the weekends! I am proud of her but I wish she'd take me along with her. She really smells interesting when she gets home. She is also taking two classes now, so she is super-busy in addition to her job. She finally decided that she is going to try to study to be a veterinarian! I am super-proud of her for that, but I have noticed that she likes to poke and prod me a little bit more than usual. I hope she learns how to be a NICE V-E-T!!! She is ten years older than all of the people in her classes (and older than all of the graduate student associate instructors!) and she is a little stressed with all of her homework. This means I have not been able to catch up on everyone's blogs but I hope to soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I think you all know how much I love to pilfer food from my people when they're not around, and how I will eat anything if it smells good.

My dad just got a bread machine so he's been experimenting with different recipes.

One was raisin bread. I know raisins are bad for me, but while they were out I just couldn't resist.

However, today was a Lenny "first." Here's the whole wheat bread:

This is how they came home and found it - on the floor but NOT EATEN!!! I had two bites and passed it up.

My dad thought I must be sick but my mom knew better - she had tasted the bread too...

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Gotcha Day!

It was five years ago today that my people brought me home and adopted me.

They looked a little bit younger and skinnier back in 2004.
The new year is a time for reflection and planning. I'm lucky to have had many adventures and made so many friends over the last five years, especially since joining DWB!

My resolution for this year is: Keep more up-to-date blogging and reading my friends' blogs! I can't wait to tell you all about, and read about, all of the adventures that 2009 will bring.