Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter blues

It has been a rough new year, hasn't it?
I am missing my friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I am especially sad that Wally is gone. He was so funny and so smart.

Do you remember I told you that my friend Tobie crossed the Bridge? Well, a couple weeks later, her brother Stoney followed her. He had been really healthy but suddenly cancer developed in his bones.

I am glad that they are together now, but sad too.
My family has several people friends who are fighting cancer right now too, so we are thinking of them. Two are doing quite well but one is just beginning treatment and it is very hard on her. If you have an extra prayer or thought to send their way, that would be pawsome.

But there are happy things going on too.

My new cousin Franklin is getting really big! He's grown to about ten pounds! He's a piebald dachshund. I'm happy that he is healthy and getting along well with his kitty brother and my Uncle Walter, my nana's wiener dog.

Have you been watching the Olympics?

My dad and I have been. He likes watching all the skiers. My mom likes the speed skaters. I am cheering for the United States and Canada mostly, but for nice people from all of the other countries too. My nana gets to go to the Olympics next week for her job! She will get to see some hockey games.

Me in my Pawlimpics shirt

I'm not sure the people are as talented as all of my canine friends, though. Do you remember the 2008 Pawlimpics? A very talented bunch, all of us. For some nostalgia and good will and world peace I am re-posting the original Pawlimpics Bone Relay. There are some friends in there who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge since then; we can remember them fondly and be thankful for all of our DWB friends around the world.