Friday, April 3, 2009

Go Fetch!

This weekend my goal is to catch up with everyone's news and blogs. I am looking forward to it! I am way behind on things.

I have a question. Do you fetch?

All the talk about Eddy Rocket made my parents look at all the great things about me and what they would look for in another dog. However, there were a few things that they seem to think are less-than-perfect about me. My dad is very disappointed that I won't "fetch."

(Seriously. If this is all they have to complain about me, aren't they pretty lucky?)

My dad always wanted a frisbee dog. Not only will I not chase or catch a frisbee, I will not bring anything to my people. I don't mind going and picking up something, but then it's mine. So my dad wants to know if this is because I am a fox terrier, or if this is because I am who I am.

So, let me know --- DO YOU FETCH?