Friday, February 29, 2008

Dogs in the media

Happy Leap-Year-Day! Today my blog is dedicated to recent features of dogs in the media, showing how PAWSOME we are.

You remember Uno the beagle, the winner of Westminster this year? He has been visiting fans all over, especially in retirement homes.

Shortly after Westminster, there was an auction with beautiful dog art up for sale. We heard it on NPR, and then looked at the pictures online. Lots of terriers in there! Priceless!

There also have been some really nice stories about dogs coming to America from Iraq. Boris and Mama were adopted by a soldier's family after he died in Iraq. He had been taking care of them over there. Nubs is a dog who came to America after being rescued by a Marine. He ran 65 miles through the desert - in a war zone - to find his person after they had to leave him and go to a different base! Amazing.

And who knew that dogs can help with homework, heal broken hearts, and even give snack food advice?

I guess I need to learn how to do handstands to get a job in Hollywood.

My mom is running her 10K tomorrow morning - please send her good thoughts, because she is still coming back from her pulled muscle, and she hasn't run that far yet! I know she can do it. Then she is going to Ohio for the weekend to help her favorite candidate get out the vote. So if you are Buckeye dog, look out - my mom may come knocking on your door! Anyway, she will be gone until Monday, and I don't know the password to get on to her computer, so I will not be back for a few days. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have been framed by the fish.

My dad is under the impression that somehow, I jumped on top of his desk, opened two fish food containers with screw-top lids, and ate all the fish food.

Now, I ask you, why would I eat fish food? I am not a fish. Those bite marks are clearly from the clownfish. Obviously, the fish jumped out of their tank and emptied the containers, then jumped back in.

My dad has been taking me to work this week, and yesterday I went to a (BORING) marketing meeting. He has two fun offices, one with lots of stairs, and one with a big long hallway. It's really fun to run around there. Back when we lived in New Hampshire, our apartment door opened up into a huge long hallway, and after I had a bath, I would run up and down the hall faster than lightning! There were two little boys who lived down the hall from us, and when they heard my paws pounding, they would stick their heads out the door. They had just moved to America and they had cute little accents - they would always cheer me on: "GO Linny GOOOO!" If I tried to go over and say hi to them, they were kind of afraid of me, so I just kept doing laps, and they kept cheering for me. I miss those boys and my nice long hallway!

Thank you to my friends Katie and Zorra and Sam for the Toadally Awesome award! They have a really important health message for your female people on their blog today, so go check it out!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

This week

To get ready for Koobie's party and Valentine's Day, I had to go get groomed to look nice for the ladies.

I have two nice groomer ladies at PetCo, Dinah and Jennifer. Jennifer cut my hair this time. When my mom came to pick me up, Jennifer asked her if I had a website!!! She had seen my post about all of the crazy stuff I've eaten. She recognized me from my blog! I felt almost famous. Plus, I think I look pretty nice.

My grandma and grandpa came to visit! Grammy and Poppy came all the way from Ohio last weekend because my people were in a special orchestra concert. It was a dinner-dance with ballroom dance music, like they do on TV!

My dad conducted. Sorry this is kind of a blurry picture of him. Grammy and Poppy are his parents.

My mom played flute on the concert. Unfortunately, because they were both performing, they didn't get to dance. Five years ago, they took a lesson on how to swing dance, and they kind of remember how to. Plus, they had a lesson last weekend with Grammy and Poppy at the dance studio next to PetCo to learn how to Viennese waltz. I'm not sure why I wasn't invited- haven't they seen my dance moves?!?

At the beginning of the dance, all of the dancers do a big special procession into the ballroom. These pictures reminded me of all the fun in Arizona with Gus's Sentimental Journeys dance!

The middle of my week was not very exciting. My mom pulled a muscle (in her fanny! hee hee!) and she hasn't been running a lot these past few days. One morning while she was eating breakfast, I finished my own kibble and smelled something delicious inside of her purse. It was a food storage container (much like the one holding the puzzle pieces earlier) holding two pieces of pizza, her lunch. Now, as you know, I am her pawsonal trainer. I didn't think that greasy leftover pizza was very good for her training regimen and diet. So I removed the container her from her purse, opened it, and helped myself to one of the pieces.

She was not happy with me. That's okay. I know that having discipline is hard. She is learning. ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snowy! And not snowy.

Did anyone see the Simpsons on Sunday night? Snowy (or Milou) from the Tintin stories was in the episode! He is a white wire fox terrier. ***UPDATE*** I found a video that actually works now, and replaced the old one.

We were supposed to get snowy weather here last night, but we just got a little ice. This is the third time this year that the weather forecasters have promised several inches of snow, and gotten it wrong.

***ANOTHER UPDATE:*** You can watch the wire fox terrier breed judging at Westminster HERE!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl report

So tired. What a weekend! I am way behind on reading blogs because I've been snoring since I got home from the big game. I will try tomorrow to catch up.

In the mean time, please enjoy my favorite ad from the Super Bowl. It's about a dog pawsonal trainer, like me. :) And Rocky is my mom's favorite movie. And she calls me her "bud." You get the idea! How apropos!