Monday, May 11, 2009

Day at the dog park

Yesterday was a beautiful day and my people brought me to the dog park!! There was a lot of meeting and sniffing and exploring to be done.

When all of a sudden, out of the blue, appearing out of nowhere like a ROCKET...

It was Eddy Rocket! My almost-could-have-been-little-brother. His new parents (who seem very nice) had brought him to burn some energy.

My mom was happy because he seemed to remember her, after the many hours she spent walking him at the shelter when nobody else wanted him.

But I'm still her favorite, of course.

He is a great runner. We had a really good time playing race-and-chase. Usually I only like to play with the big dogs, but Eddy was okay.

I'm happy that I get to play with him, but we don't have to bring him home with us. I hope he comes back to the park a lot.

After a while, Eddy wore me out, so I started doing some grrreeeeaaat roaching.

And more sniffing.

A lot has been going on. My dad turned 210 dog years old this weekend. My mom survived her first semester of full-time work, half-time school. And my dad is going to be starting school again in the fall. They also ran a half marathon and my nana and grandpa visited. Hopefully things will slow down a little bit and I'll have a little more blogging and reading time!