Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My weekend at camp

I have a new place to stay when my people are gone!

This Friday night, my people were up in Indianapolis overnight, so I stayed with my new buddie Rosie, who is a Lhasa Apso mix. Rosie's mom works with my mom and she invited me to come stay with them.

My mom had to go around Rosie's house and find all the things I would inevitably be able to find and eat before she would leave me. It was like a treasure hunt!

Another big old lab named Zeus stayed there too. The three of us are all "senior" dogs and we got along quite well. Rosie has a nice fenced-in backyard, and when we came in from outside, we always got a treat!

Rosie's mom even let me sleep in her bed. I was very comfy on the pillows. If my people let me sleep in bed, it's usually down at their feet. This was much better!

Rosie and I got along so well, that we decided to create our very own new sport: synchronized napping! Note the precision! The elegance and grace!

So I had a great weekend. My mom did too - she ran a 15K on Saturday! She had to walk mile 7, but she was proud of how she did. And she got to see her favorite presidential candidate in person - check out her blog if you're interested. She was very excited. But really my weekend was better. Treats, pillows, friends - my new camp!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trip to the vet

I am so behind on reading everyone's blogs, and I am sorry! I really hope to catch up soon because I miss everybody! My mom needs to get a little less busy and help me with the computer again. She has been running around like a crazy woman helping her favorite candidate. Dad has been taking me to the office with him, but he hogs the computer there.

My mom was not too busy to bring me to the doctor on Monday. We were there for TWO HOURS!!! He is a very good doctor, and very thorough, but he was being very thorough with all of the appointments before mine so I had to wait around a while before going in. Here I am examining his room before he arrived.

I have been my usual itchy self, especially now that the weather is getting warmer. I am allergic to everything outside. My skin got infected again from scratching it, so I had to go get some medicine.

My doc said that I am the WORST allergy case he has ever seen! But, he said he thought I was doing much better than I have been before. He said my coat looked very good. But, my paws have bacteria and yeast (again) so I am back on two pills for that for a while. Now I am taking fish oil too. That is supposed to help my skin AND my joints, which actually are doing pretty well at the moment. I also have to get my shots a little bit more frequently.

But, here's the bad news. He said my baths are the most important thing my people can do for me right now. And I hate baths. I already get them twice a week, but now they're going to be even worse. I have to have one every three days, in cool water. They are supposed to lather me up and make me stand there for ten minutes with shampoo all over me! Is he kidding? My mom thought he was kidding too. Then after they rinse and towel-dry me, they have to spray me with conditioner stuff.

We did this last night. It was miserable.

I hope I stop itching. My mom says she hopes I stop shedding and being stinky. She has no sympathy.

P.S. Apparently Pitou just got a new baby sister Jack Russell terrier. Maybe that will make him less cranky. Who knows, maybe it will make him more cranky!