Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Howl-o-ween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Lenny, the "Moose"!

(Coming soon to a blog near you: Merry Christmas, from Lenny, the Reindeer!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Forever Foxed!

My mom wanted to reassure my buddies that she has done her best to Lenny-proof our own apartment for the past four years - I'm just too smart for her sometimes, heh heh! Anyway, my dad remembered several more things that I've gotten into that I shouldn't have:

His favorite granola
Honey Roasted Peanuts
Yummy ginger snap cookies from my Grandma

Maybe he should re-consider his "No people food" rule and I wouldn't have to go snooping so much!

Does anyone else out there eat weird or tasty stuff? Tell me what it is!

I want to send a big thank you out to my British buddy Jackson. His family has their own business making ADORABLE terrier cards, called Forever Foxed. It's very hard to find good WFT cards, so my mom was thrilled when her order arrived in the mail a few weeks ago! The cards are beautiful and she is sending one to her best friend for her birthday.

The red couch in the first one reminds me of a piano a little bit. Maybe I'll draw a picture of my dad on there playing, with me singing! I don't think my artistic skills are quite as good as Jackson's, though.

Go check out the cards! Thanks Jackson!

Monday, October 15, 2007


I was kind of a bad dog this weekend. Have you ever seen one of these little packets? I ate one.

Yes, I see the warning labels now. It just smelled really tasty so I scarfed it down before my mom could get it out of my mouth. She was really upset and worried and they had to "make" me sick with hydrogen peroxide to get it out of my stomach. (My vet hospital was already closed, and my humans don't trust the emergency vet hospital in town.) And then my mom worried that some sort of weird chemical reaction would happen in my stomach with the H2O2. So as I was barfing up blue stuff (VERY GROSS - sorry!) my dad was searching the internet to learn about the packets. It turns out that it's probably not too bad that I just ate one of them, but it's definitely not a good idea to eat a bunch of them, according to the ASPCA. Don't do it!

I felt pretty yucky that night. But my mom was glad it was out of my system. And I felt fine pretty quickly.

My mom learned the hydrogen peroxide method from a nice vet nurse on a hotline she called on one of my other snack adventures.
(Lenny's mom here: I think you're supposed to use it only if the dog eats something that could cause a blockage, like candle wax in this case, or if it's immediately after the dog has ingested something that could be very harmful if digested. But always check with your vet first!)

I've had a few other delicious adventures; I've earned a little bit of a reputation for being a snack sleuth and sniffing out tasty treats wherever they might be. Nothing on the kitchen counter is safe, not even sitting on top of the microwave. (My long legs have even helped me get on TOP of the counter!) My nana always has to "Lenny-proof" her kitchen before I come visit. I can even get Tupperware open (leaving a few teeth marks), get over tall chairs, and open zippers to get what I want.

My mom was trying to make a list of all the things I've eaten that I shouldn't have, and she couldn't even remember all of them, but this is what she came up with:

Digital camera (teeth marks)
Cell phone (teeth marks)
My dad's conducting baton
Scented candles
Crock of margarine
M & M's
Dark chocolate candy bar
Milk chocolate/nuts candy bar
Lindt truffle chocolates
Reese's Peanut Butter cups (small size, but many of them)
Coffee grounds
Chewing gum
Breath mints
Plastic bag
Stuffing from my toys
Fish food
Cat food
Doo-doo - goose variety
Doo-doo - deer variety
Dead mouse
English muffins (my FAVORITE)
Jigsaw puzzle piece
Mayonnaise packets (I sucked the mayonnaise out)

Heh heh, she doesn't even KNOW about some of the stuff I've eaten! I guess I'm lucky I haven't gotten too sick, especially with my chocolate cravings. Anyway, be careful out there, and always read the labels of what you're about to eat!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Taking over the house - one surface at a time

I have slowly but surely been carrying out "Operation Comfy Pillow" in my house. While my people are gone during the day, I sleep on the couch or on their bed. I do have my own bed, but theirs is just so much bigger.

A dog needs room to stretch!

When my mom gets home from work and sits on the couch to watch some TV, I always make sure that I get up on the couch next to her, just to remind her that it's MY comfy place and she needs to make room for me. I don't jump up there by myself (while they're home, anyway) but I put my chin on my mom's knee until she picks me up and puts me on the couch.

She thinks I sit funny. I can't help it. I haven't been able to sit like a "normal" dog since my knee surgery last year. Don't I just look cuter anyway?
My dad is turning in to a softy. He used to be Mr. Rules - no sleeping in their bed, no treats, no people food. (I get veggie treats now.) Last night he said I could lay in bed with them for fifteen minutes while they listened to something on the radio, but then I ended up sleeping on the bed all night, with my people scratching my belly. Ahhh!

What an honor!

I am quite honored. My friends Butchy and Snickers have bestowed the "I Love Your Blog" Award on me. Thank you guys! I love your blog too and it's one of my favorites. I especially love seeing Snickers in all of her pretty outfits. A lot of my friends have already received this award, but I wanted to give it to a few special dogs, if they haven't already received it.

I love your blog - Balboa! Your weekly photo caption contest is a riot, and you are just one cool dude. I also think it's great that you raise money for French Bulldog Rescue on your website.

I love your blog - William Tell! You are a fine-looking wire, quite handsome indeed, and you take such good care of your shy little sister Glynn. I think that's great.

And, I love your blog - Axel! Your blog is humorous, and clever, and I like how you use your wiry ways for the good of the world and social justice.

Wow, there are so many blogs that I love and I am grateful to all of my buddies for their friendship.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My blessing!

Thank you to Asta, whose blog reminded my mom that last Thursday was St. Francis of Assisi day. He is the patron saint of animals, and on his day, a lot of churches celebrate by having services where animals can get blessed!

My mom thought I could use a little blessing, so she walked me to a church just up the road from us last Thursday when she got home from work.

There were about 15 dogs there, and I knew two of them - big greyhounds. Their mom works with my mom, so I had met them before at an outdoor concert. I didn't know the rest of the dogs - I had never seen any of them at the dog park.

Little Miss Lorenza? Is that you? No, the brown dachshund wasn't our little blogging buddy from Mexico. I was a little disappointed. I should have guessed because Lorenza would have been dressed in a very pretty dress. Muy bonita!

My mom joked that she was worried I would hiss or melt or something when the holy water touched me. But I am no devil dog! I enjoyed it and gave the minister a kiss.

But nobody told me you're not supposed to drink the holy water.

I have been throwing up a little bit lately - maybe it's because I ate a crock of margarine last week. My mom calls me "Butter Boy." Not very funny. Hopefully with my blessing, I'll have a happy, healthy year coming up.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Butchy!

OK, I think I am all packed up for the trip to Butchy's slumber party tomorrow. Since we are camping, I am bringing my warm cozy blanket. Maybe Miss Snickers or Maggie or another lovely terrier will want to snuggle with me. How could anyone resist that smile of mine? Ladies?

And just in case no one will snuggle with me, I might feel lonely and homesick, so I'm bringing my little stuffed buddy just in case.

But I think it will be a very good time and fun to see all of my friends. I'm ready to board Aire Ruby and head off to Iowa!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Almost famous!

Well, I am proud that I now have a namesake! I am very honored that Butchy and Snickers have named one of their pet Koi fish after me.
He looks just like me, don't you think? So I think I am on my way to being famous.

But there are people who are more famous than me - and one is my dad! I am so proud! He had a big article in the newspaper, all about him! You can read it at my mom's blog, if you click here. The lady who interviewed him asked him about his family, and he told her about me, but she didn't mention me in the article. After all the help and companionship I give my dad when he is studying his music, I didn't get any mention. Maybe I will be in the next article.

Oh, and I am going to get to meet Koi Lenny in a few days! Butchy's birthday is coming up, and he's having a big slumber party to celebrate - woo hoo! I think I have recovered from Asta's party enough to go have a good time again. See you soon buddy!