Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transported animals

My mom has been having a lot of fun meeting new dogs and taking them from the shelter to new foster homes.


This is Falcor (named after the Luck Dragon in "The Neverending Story"), who got the new name "Cory." He was at our local shelter and is now being fostered by Indianapolis Great Pyrenees Rescue. Do you think he looks like the original Falcor?

Cory is SO BIG that my mom couldn't fit him in her little car - her friend lent her car and helped drive him to Indianapolis. You can read all about Cory on Petfinder - I hope he finds a new home soon!


Mom's next transport was an Australian Shepherd named Shiloh. He was another big boy and traveled in a crate, so another one of my mom's friends helped her drive him. Poor Shiloh has heartworm and is being treated in foster care, and he got the new name "Babaloo!" You can read more about him at the New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue website.


Check out this sweet little guy!

Of course, Mom prefers to transport wire fox terriers whenever she can, and a couple weeks ago she got to drive BARNABY! Isn't he adorable? He loved riding "shotgun" and watching the world go by. His nose prints are still on the window of our car - they need to clean that up so I can leave mine!

Another picture of Barnaby, in which I think he resembles Yours Truly. Very handsome, of course.

Barnaby has TWO websites - on Petfinder, and on the website for Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest. There are plenty of WFTs that need homes too! How about Barnaby?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have started a team to help out my fellow dogs that need new homes. Maybe even a few kitty cats too. Our humane association is hosting a "Walk for the Animals" on October 3rd, and I am gathering my friends to raise a few bucks for the animals in the shelter. The MCHA also offers my therapy dog training classes, and has a therapy dog group called VIPaws. It is a good cause and I am happy I can help, because I don't have any money!

Please check out my fundraising site!

Here are all of the fun activities for that afternoon:

1:45PM Musical Sit
2:10PM Argus K-9 Search and Rescue Demonstration
2:25PM Flying Paws Agility Demo
2:40PM Doggie Costume Contest
3:00PM Recall Relay
3:30PM Argus K-9 Search and Rescue Demonstration
3:45PM Fundraising Prizes Awarded
Ongoing Activities: Agility Try-It, Doggie Dash Obstacle Course, Canine Water Park/Off-Leash Play, Pawfect Pedicures Nail Painting Station, Pet/Human Caricatures, Adoptable Animals from the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter, Kids Carnival with balloon animals, face painting, games, animals and more! Human massages, Vendor Marketplace benefiting MCHA, Nose, Nails and Tails trims from Joyful Hound Mobile Grooming, Booths from sponsors and other animal welfare non-profits.

Do you have maybe $5 to spare to join Team Lenny and support the shelter animals? Or can you help your own local shelter in some way? The animals - and I! - thank you!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pet Partners!

I've gotta tell my mom CONGRATULATIONS! She and I have been going to therapy dog classes for almost a year now. This weekend, she completed her human coursework side of things. She even got a nice little certificate! Now we just have to take the evaluation test together to become a registered Pet Partners team through the Delta Society. Our local branch is called VIPaws. One hurdle is that we are waiting for the Delta Society to make a ruling on whether my bald legs are acceptable or not - no leg warmers allowed when visiting!

And congratulations to my dad too! He was in the paper (Herald Times) yesterday. It was not his favorite picture, but Mom and I thought he looked pretty darn cute.

He always looks like he's having a great time when he conducts. His orchestra has a big season coming up.

Mom has also transported some more great dogs - including a fox terrier again! She got asked to transport an alligator named Elvis but declined the opportunity. I'll put information about Barnaby, the WFT, up tomorrow. He needs a good home!