Monday, December 14, 2009

Reporting from the doggie hotel

My people left me at the kennel so they could fly away and have fun with their family at Christmas. I'm stuck here at the local "animal country club" until the new year. It's really not so bad but I wish they would hurry back.

I did get a very cool holiday gift before they left - a Dog Spinny by Nina Ottosson!! I have wanted one of these kinds of toys ever since I saw the video of Jackson playing with his Dog Brick.

My mom got to help bring a wire fox terrier home from a shelter. His name is Oscar and you can read all about the organization that got him home - Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest. This "before" picture of him is from their website. I hope he gets a really nice new family.

Thank you to my buddies for all of your wonderful cards! I hope you are having very happy holidays, and best wishes in the new year!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Good and bad, happy and sad

I met Santa Paws this weekend!

I have been a little bit naughty so I tried not to ask for too much. :) Plus I look like a devil dog with those eyes! My mom was not Santa at the event; she got to be the "line coordinator" - boring!

I also got some sad news today. My old friend Tobie, who used to be my neighbor, is crossing the rainbow bridge today. She got bone cancer that progressed really quickly. Five years ago, she was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer, which went into remission, so I am glad she had those extra happy years with her dad and brother Stoney.

I wish I had more pictures of us together. She is on the left in both pictures.

Have you seen this video on YooToob? My mom and dad BOTH cried. It is a really nice doggie story.

I finished my DWB Christmas cards yesterday and put them in the mail! I hope you get them soon!