Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lenny, where have you BEEN?

I'm sorry friends - my mom has been constantly hogging the computer and I have not been able to finish telling you all about my trip. She has been all stressed out and really scatter-brained. But she just found out that she got a new job, so I think she is really happy about that. She is still working in the same school - even the same building - but she will get more money to pay for my cookies and vet bills. Maybe I will be allowed to come with her to her new office!

I just want to leave you with a few more pictures from my fun trip. We had a lot of fun that week and I want to go back soon. (But not swimming!!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My mustache for Jackson!

Tonight I get to go to another outdoor concert! My dad isn't conducting, though. My dad actually went away for six weeks, so I have to fend for myself and my mom. My friend Asta is lucky, because her mom just got back from a long long trip! You must be so excited, Asta!

Not having my dad around means I get to sleep in my humans' bed, though.

On vacation, I was able to relax and really concentrate on growing my mustache. I couldn't grow one in time for Jackson's contest last time around, but now I think I'm starting to look good! I could be a contender! Is a mustache re-match coming up, Jackson? That was a fun event!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vacation - Part 2

The first two days it rained all day, but that was fine with me. I just enjoyed my sunspot. Actually, that was my preferred activity for the whole week! My dad kept trying to get me to go swimming. I still hate swimming.

It was nice to see my Uncle Walter. He's getting a little hefty - he's kind of a sausage dude! He gets to eat a lot of people food. My grandpa even microwaves his leftovers for him. Spoiled!

Walter doesn't really like swimming either, but he also has his own life vest for when he goes boating. We got to run around in the trees and pee on stuff. He's also a good snack-scout. The humans had to hide EVERYTHING edible from us - we're clever!

Walter, maybe if you lost a few pounds, I'd send your picture to the lovely doxie Lorenza! Es una chica bonita!

Do you see the red boat in this picture? My humans went out in this boat with me! I got to ride in the front. Sometimes I actually stood on the front of the boat where there were no seats ("I'm the king of the world!") but my humans didn't really like that. I only fell in once. I hate swimming, but I like boating!

At night, we would sit by the campfire. I snuggled with my mom. (She's hiding from the bugs in her hoodie!) Does anyone know of any safe bug-spray for dogs? My mom was nervous about using human spray on me. There were a lot of humans there - 11 in all! They were all my mom's family.

My cousin Bailey was there for part of the week, and for some reason he LOVES fire. He would chase the embers from the campfire around. He didn't want to just sit and look at it and wait for someone to drop their marshmallow on the ground. Weird!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vacation - Part 1

I knew something was going on when my dad took my house and put it in the car. ROAD TRIP! I don't mind riding in the car much. I used to be terrified of the windshield wipers, but I'm a tough dude and I got over it.

My humans were not happy with me, though. I farted (pardon my French) the whole way out to Maine - through six states! - and I kept stinking up the car. It's their own fault, though. They had tried to keep me occupied while they were packing the night before by giving me a rawhide treat. My little vegetarian tummy was not used such deliciousness!

And I thought more deliciousness was in store when we pulled up to a drive-though window!!! That means FRENCH FRIES!!!

However, to my dismay, it was a window without French fries. It was a place called Dunkin Donuts and my mom was very happy to be there, because we don't have these places where we live. She had a Coffee Coolatta drink, my dad had a donut, and I got NOTHING!

(On the way home, we went to another window like this one, where a very nice lady had a box of VEGGIE COOKIES for dogs! She gave me two! Still no French fries though.)

On our second day of driving, we got to Massachusetts, where my buddies Agatha and Archie live! We didn't get to stop in Boston to see them, but we did stop in MY town, LENOX! The town is named after me (or maybe the other way around...). It is a very special place to my humans because Tanglewood is there. I thought that sounded like something to chew on, but apparently it's a music festival with the Boston Symphony. My mom grew up around Boston, and she became a musician because she loved going to hear the Boston Symphony. So it is a very special town, and a very nice name for a very special dog like myself. But you can still call me Lenny.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My favorite reads

While my mom is getting her act together and organizing the vacation pictures for me, I thought I'd take up the tag that's going around about my five favorite books. I have two, and my mom is submitting the other three.
I like the books by Mark Teague starring the WFT Ike. Ike writes lots of letters to his human, Mrs. LaRue. He really should join Dogs With Blogs because he is a great writer!
Below is a picture of me with my stuffed buddy Ike, who is from these two books. They have really fun pictures in both books, and my mom gave them to her nephews (but kept a copy of each one for me).

My mom wants to recommend "Animals In Translation" by Temple Grandin. She just read this while we were on vacation. She also wants to recommend "Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence" by Carol Benjamin and "The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama. (Don't worry - I won't let her talk about politics on MY blog - not until I get to vote!!

Happy birthday today to the Lovely Snickers Lamb! I hope you get a pretty new outfit for your big day. I also want to thank Butchy and Snickers for nominating my blog for an award! Wow! Thanks guys! YOU rock!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm back!

"Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house I go!"

I'm back from my Nana's, and I will give a full report soon! I've been glad to start catching up on what everyone's been doing!

Thank you for all of my birthday wishes!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I want to wish a belated happy birthday to America, for July 4th. This is me at my dad's July 4th concert this past weekend (he is at the front of the stage, in the white coat).

And I also want to wish an early happy birthday to my friend Maggie! She is exactly two days older than me. She will turn 9 years old on Tuesday. Happy Birthday Maggie!

I'm off to New England - talk to you all next week!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Going on vacation!

I am a lucky dog. In a few days, my humans are driving me to New Hampshire and Maine to go on vacation! We will visit my nana and grandpa and Uncle Walter.

We went to visit them last summer also, but I was still recovering from my knee surgery. My dad took me swimming to help strengthen my muscles. I quickly learned that I HATE SWIMMING!

Luckily, swimming isn't the only thing to do on vacation. Walter and I like to play in the mud. Of course, then we have to take a bath afterwards, which is almost as bad as swimming! There's a lot of fun stuff to sniff, though.

I also like to relax with my nana. She likes to float on the lake in her little boat.

My mom has already packed all of my stuff, including my life jacket and seat belt for the long car ride. I'm not exactly crazy about wearing either one of them.

Next Thursday is my birthday, so hopefully I will get some kind of big treat! I will report with lots of pictures when we get back.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My people

Hi doggie friends!

So everyone has been introducing their families lately, so I wanted to introduce you to my people.

My dad is an orchestra conductor. He waves a little stick in front of other people, who are playing instruments. Once, I ate his stick, and he was REALLY mad!!! He just graduated from school and is starting to find jobs. It's nice because he gets to stay home and study his music books a lot, and sometimes we go nice places together. He likes to take me hiking and in the woods. He likes computer stuff too. He says there is a famous conductor named "Lenny" like me - Leonard Bernstein.

My mom works at the university where my dad went to school. She is a musician too - she plays the flute (I sing along with her when she practices!). Sometimes she plays with some orchestras around here. She used to work at a flute company in Boston, but we had to move here so my dad could go to school. I think she misses Boston a lot. She has just starting running in the past few months and I am her pawsonal trainer. She also likes to sew, but she is nowhere near as talented as Butchy and Snickers' mom is. She made my comfy beds for me.

My parents have been married just about 4 years. They knew I was the perfect dog for them, because my birthday is their anniversary! I used to live with an older man and lady who called me "Skippy." They had to start taking care of their little grandkids, and the man traveled a lot, and I did too much terrier-izing for them. So they had to give me up, and on January 2, 2004, I went to live with my new humans. They take good care of me and I know they love me a lot.