Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hi everybody! Thanks everybody for asking about how I am doing. It is nice to know I have such nice friends who care about me. I am fully recovered from the incident this summer and I am doing great, but nobody has had time to help me write or read blogs. My mom is taking a class called Organic Chemistry and she is really stressed about it. But that is no excuse. I can't wait to hear about what everyone has been up to because I've missed you so much!

Here it is, my most humiliating picture of the year - in my Halloween costume. Lenny the Lobster. This is the one time of year that my mom gets to dress me up. (That and when Ohio State plays Michigan - I have a special Buckeye sweatshirt for the game.)

You have to admit, I make crustacean look GOOD! But it did take a lot of bribing before I would tolerate a photo session.

I think I would feel a little more dignified if the costume didn't have the googly eyes.

In other news, the nice people at National Geographic sent me a new book that is being released today, called "DogTown." There is a TV show on the National Geographic Channel with the same name, which I had seen and enjoyed before via the magic of Netflix. Dog Town is part of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, a very large and successful no-kill facility.

This book gets two big paws up from me! Each chapter introduces a dog that arrived at Dog Town, what help they received, and their story of what happened to them after they arrived. You learn the individual personalities and stories of the dogs, and you also get to know many of the people who work at Dog Town through their interactions. You get very connected in just a few pages!

While the book obviously is praising all of the good work that Dog Town does, it is not afraid to deal with controversial topics as well. Right off the bat, the first chapter is about Michael Vick's pit bulls and efforts to rehabilitate some of them. What impressed me was that when Best Friends disagreed with the Humane Society or PETA, or another group working for animals, they presented the other viewpoints very fairly, explaining both sides of the issue. I appreciated that.

There are a lot of successful adoption stories for dogs that probably wouldn't have had a chance anywhere else. The dogs that make it to Dog Town are very lucky for all of the care that they receive and it's too bad that they don't have room for everybody who needs a new home! It is evident that the people at Dog Town know that every dog is special and deserves a chance to heal. There are definitely some tear-jerker moments.

So I recommend this uplifting book, and the TV show as well if you have not seen it! I liked it so much that I would like to share it with someone. If you would like me to send you the book, leave me a comment by November 1 and I will pick one lucky pup at random. Or you can find it anywhere books are sold, and get more info at www.nationalgeographic.com. Thanks National Geographic!

Have a very happy Halloween, and remember - no chocolate!!


Gus said...

Ya know, Lenny...from certain angles that costume makes you look like you have a great set of shoulders on ya.

That's my nice thing about the costume. Muzzer says if I can't make nice I can't comment.


Molly the Airedale said...

Lenny the lobster! We saw a Wire Fox Terrier at Barktoberfest this past Sunday in a lobster costume! OMG, we never dreamed that it could have been you!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

TwoSpecialWires said...

Lenny! We're not thinking you look very happy about that costume, even though we think you look down right cute. Just stay clear of hot water, if you wear it again this year. Earlier this month a bunch of the dogs around here were boiling up a big lobster bisque, or something. We don't want you to get mixed into the pot!

We'd now heard of the NG series or book. Both sound good - and the topic is an important one to us. Thanks for drawing everyone's attention to it!

Take care this weekend, Lenny.

Jake and Fergi xxoo

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lenny!
I am so happy to know you are doing well!
You look great wearing your costume!
That book and the tv show sounds very interesting!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Asta said...

Lenny Lobstew, hehehehe
I love it..only you could make a lobstew look handsome .
I think it's an amazing feat, but you did it..you look hot!!! even the googly eyes.
I love that show dog town..we watch it all the time.
It's twooly a special place
smoochie kisses

Dewey Dewster said...

Hey Lenny....were ya the lobster costumed wire at the Barktoberfest that Maggie 'n Mitch were at ???

Me. I think that it humilatin' ta be forced ta wear a costume....'n a lobster at that....everyone knows that they get eaten daily....

We need ta see if we can view that program....it sounds great...

Dewey Dewster here...

Yogui said...

Happy Halloween Lenny! but be careful if you arrives in Spain with that costume, Humans here, love eat lobster!

pd: the book is very interesting

Agatha and Archie said...

LENNYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! How are you our main lobster boy!!! Hey get it ? MAINE lobster boy!!! tee hee Everyone is really busy don't worry..... The costume?? You don't look real thrilled but Archie says he loves the googly eyes...... Glad all is well with you and your peeps..Love and a trillion kisses A+A

Deefor said...

Good to see you. Hope you get lots of treats in that lobster suit. That is one of our favorite tv shows. People can adopt doggies from Best Friends too.

Joe Stains said...

I was just picturing you next to a big bowl of melted butter...oh wait, then I realized that a wirey lobster probably wouldn't taste so good. Nice to see you buddy, Happy Halloween!!

Comet said...

Lenny the Lobster! Those eyes make the costume. Now, can you bite them and pull them off?

Our girl still has nightmares about organic chemistry (and it was 20 years ago that she took it!!) Good luck to your mom.

Life With Dogs said...

Glad to know you are still well - and sorry to see you lobsterfied. ;)

i said...

You look really cute as a lobster, Lenny!

Jake of Florida said...

Oh dear, we missed your lobsterification by several weeks -- by now you're back to being our pal, Handsome Lenny!!!

We are very impressed that your mom is tackling organic chemistry -- that has to be a bear, expecially for someone who tends more to the musical side. Perhaps she can make up melodies to help her through it.

Our brother is now at the University of Georgia studying for his phD in music... challenging, he says. (But probably less so than organic chemistry.) And he gets to fraternize with UGA, the bulldog mascot....

Wirey love -- we were very happy to see your post, even if we got to it a few weeks late.

Jake and Just Harry