Friday, June 29, 2007

I love the dog park!

The best thing about summertime is the Dog Park.
My town has a nice big area where all the doggies go to run, roll, and play! There are sometimes as many as 25 dogs there. We go after my mom gets home from work, and in the mornings on the weekend. Those are the best times to go, for maximum doggies! (It's not that much fun without other dogs there.)
I do different things than many of the other doggies there. A lot of doggies just like to sniff around, or chase balls from their humans, or wrestle with other dogs. Not me. I LIKE TO RUN! All I want is for other dogs to chase me. (Ha ha, I'm too fast for them to catch me!) Despite my slight arthritis in my back legs, I am almost back to my pre-surgery top speed.
If no one is running around, I go around and bark at other dogs until they chase me. Not many other dogs at the park bark, which is kind of weird, I think!
Sometimes this barking gets me in trouble. Some doggies misinterpret this as aggression, and will start being aggressive back at me. I will defend myself against ANYBODY if this happens, and my mom sometimes worries that I will get into a big fight and get bitten by a big dog. I'm very nice until I get defensive - but then my mom takes me home if I get like that. Doesn't she understand that I have to show I am the top dog? Once I argued with two Rottweilers at once - that made her a little nervous!

I also get defensive if someone tries to play bitey-face with me. I HATE bitey-face, and puppies just don't understand that. I get crabby with puppies. (Sorry guys! I'm a cranky old dog!)

So I may be a speed demon, but I have a little trouble stopping once I get started because of my knee trouble. I run laps, back and forth, the length of the park. When I get to one end, I put on the brakes and it looks like I am squatting while running. I look like I'm stopping to take a dump, mid-run. And sometimes the humans laugh at me!! Do you see the lady in the pink shirt there snickering? It's embarrassing.

If I am tired, or no one wants to run, that's fine. I roll in yucky stuff in the grass! It feels SOOOOO good! And then I smell great afterwards. Until my mom takes me home and gives me a bath. I hate baths.

What a great time!

Do you have a dog park, or a favorite place to run?


Gus said...

Lenny: our favorite place is the back yard. Teka runs while I watch, then when she gets tired, I provide more motivation by chasing her! be careful of your knee

Asta said...

You have the pawfect build for a gweat wunner, oooh those gorgeous loong legs,...I still play bitey face, so I would pwobably annoy you, but I love to wun too, although my Mommi says I'm sort of clutzy .i hope you don't hurt yourself!
I don't have a gwassy wun, just cement, but it's fun anyway to chase other doggies and play. Your roll in the gwass looks gweat
smoochie kisses

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Lenny, I take things at a more sedate pace now cos of my neck problems. But I used to love to run and I was REALLY FAST! There are lots of beautiful places to go where I live, but I like the beach best. It's very stoney and I don't go in the sea but I just like all the interesting smells and stuff. I also love carrying the stones about. J X

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Lenny, in answer to your comment about the moustache, you could always "cheat" a little! Quite a few of the entries have used Photoshop or other computery stuff. J x

Balboa said...

That parks looks like so much fun.

What a stupid mean lady, you should pee right on her pale leg.

Frenchie SNorts

Agatha and Archie said...

Lenny,We used to go to the dog park too until they closed it. Archie would play JUST like you!! As for me I had more fun greeting all the people, kind of like the Mayor! They closed the park and PL2 said she was glad because eveyone picked on Archie!!! You seem like a party animal!!! Agatha and Archie

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Lenny,

Thanks for stopping by. About those Scrabble letters, we do have a "T" that has a some identifying tooth marks on it from when I was a puppy, but I confine myself to pencils now so I can play.

When my brother and I go to the dog park, we do just what you do --run and run and run as fast and as hard as we can. Mom says we make perfect circles and she loves to see us having so much fun.

JH got into a mud puddle once and had a really really good time. His mug shot afterwards is on one of our blogs.

Have fun and come visit again!!


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Lenny, I'm afraid you can only vote once in the tache championships! Sorry! J x

fee said...

phwah, Speed Demon. i love that. i want to grow up to be like you!